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Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal

Oakwood Family Dental Clinic to provide a world class low cost treatment for the Wisdom tooth removal near Buford, GA and painless tooth removal dental services near Gainesville, Westgate, GA. Oakwood Family Dental CLinic also provide teeth cleaning, tooth whitening, teeth removal, dental crowns, dental filling, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry near Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Braselton, GA.

Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal

Is your wisdom tooth bothering you?
Are you looking for a wisdom tooth removal specialist to look after you?
Are you anxious that removal of wisdom tooth is going to hurt?
If your answer is yes to any of the above question then you are at right place, we at oakwood Family Dental clinic a leading dental clinic for wisdom tooth removal offers a great range of treatment in most affordable cost. As leading dental clinic in Oakwood and having years of experience in wisdom tooth removal we understand that having a wisdom tooth extracted can be traumatic if your dental surgeon doesn’t use the right approach. Most of us have painful memory about dental care treatment however latest technology and professional experience dentist at Oakwood Family Dental Clinic makes it easy for you. We are dedicated to making sure every aspect of your tooth removal treatment is as painless, relaxed and calm as possible.

Why is it called Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third group of molars, located at the very corner / back of the mouth and most people acquire in their teens or early twenties. Normally people have three permanent molars that develop in each quadrant of the mouth; upper, lower, right and left. The first molars usually grow into the mouth at around six years of age. The second molars grow in at around age 12. The third molars usually will try to grow in at around age 17 to 21 years. Since that is considered to be the age when people become wiser, third molars gained the nickname, "wisdom teeth." Actually, they are no different than any other tooth except that they are the last teeth to erupt, or grow into the mouth. If these teeth are correctly aligned, they become a valuable asset, but more often, they are misaligned and need to be removed. this does not always happen.

What are the signs to know that the dental pain may be because of Wisdom Tooth?

Here are the signals of the problem :
• Dental Pain in opening the mouth
• Dental Pain in the surrounding gums of wisdom tooth
• Pain in the ear and headache
• Dental Pain on chewing on the affected side of wisdom tooth
• Swelling on the affected side of the wisdom tooth
• Ulcers on the skin around wisdom tooth
• Sensitivity to hot and cold in the wisdom tooth

How can I know if I have wisdom teeth as well as extraction of the wisdom teeth?

You can go for the evaluation of the wisdom teeth to the dentist. The dentist can periodically evaluate your teeth and send you to an oral surgeon if you need the extraction of the wisdom teeth.

To avoid the pain that the wisdom tooth may cause in the future, your oral surgeon may recommend removing the tooth.

What happens during the extraction of wisdom teeth?

The teeth and tissue will be numbed with a local anaesthetic to cause minimal pain.
We will decide if you administer the sedative as well to control any anxiety.
If not then, extract the teeth with small surgery, and if yes then you should take care of that( By taking the medicine of that )

Are there any side effects after the Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

There are no side effects of the procedure. It is pretty much safe and preventive in nature.