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Root Canal Treatment

Oakwood Family Dental Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, root canal treatment (RTC), dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry. Oakwood Family Dental Clinic provide low cost root canals treatment near Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Buford, Alandale, Westgate, GA

Root Canal Treatments(RCT)

As we know that, Root Canal Treatment is necessary when your teeth are infected by the cavity or other injuries. Perhaps you don’t feel any pain in the very early stages of this infection, but in some cases, the tooth may become darken. Root Canal Treatment services need in this situation because the nerve of the tooth has died or it is dying. The best thing that is provided by the Dr. Mody at Oakwood Family Dental, this would be the best affordable root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment known as endodontic treatment is a process which is performed to cure infections in tooth and its root, securing it not to get infected again. It is carried out in the pulp of the tooth. After the whole area is rigorously cleaned, a filling is inserted and all the bacteria and inflammation is removed. We have the best endodontists in clinic at oakwood Family Dental, who handle your toothache very well along with being extremely skilled at their job.

How do I know I need Root canal treatment?

Consult us if you have one of the following symptoms
• Pain in tooth
• Tooth Pain while having cold or hot food
• Tooth pain while chewing
• Dental Pain at night
• Swelling near decayed tooth
• Sensitivity of teeth
• Dental pain while having sweet food
Our dentist with take x-ray of the paining tooth and check for the extent of decay cavity. Many times early check-up and quick dental care can prevent need for root canal treatment altogether.